Genres: Short Film | Sci-Fi

Lenght : 10 mins

Color : Color

Aspect Ratio: 2.35 : 1

Status : Released

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Night, unknown year and place. 

Adam Miller is still in his office engrossed by hundreds of thought while is flowing the web, searching for answers... 

He is quite tired and feels an unease feeling. 

The phone rings, diverting his mind from the research, it is his wife's number but his little baby girl speaks, and after a short conversation he said to be home quite early. 

His wife greets him saying not to be late for dinner. 

While this is happenings, someone observes Adam, someone we do not see, they are watching Adam's actions, and telling of what's going on with him ... or what just happened ... 

The scene returns to Adam who is leaving the office for going to a local bar to have a drink, even now, someone, is spying. 

Again in the office, Adam feels itself more and more strange, feels that something is wrong, he perceives as a strong presence and a sense of malaise. 

His colleague Jenny enters the room and says goodbye to him, she is almost approaching to leave the office, Adam returns her a smile saying that just in a while he will leave as well, and also that his family, and a fantastic dinner, are waiting for him. 

Leaves the building heading home, walking through an area of the city pretty decadent.... someone follows him ... he saw his follower and speed up the walk. 

A state of anxiety pervades. 

Suddenly is attacked by an homeless that pulls a gun on Adam's forehead and brings pressure to him, he wants to rob everything Adam own with a value. 

Time seems to expand ... during the scuffle, some coins fall down to the ground and robber gets distracted, Adam delivers a punch then and runs away ... ... he runs in terror .... the run, seems never ending, but in reality, is a very short run though...a ​​bullet strikes him in the back and he falls to the ground. 

The unknown observers are commenting the incident. 

In a shocking ending, we do understand that Adam died, and what will be revealed to him and us, goes beyond any imagination. 

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