Genres: Feature Film | Sci-Fi

Lenght : 95 mins

Color : Color

Aspect Ratio: 2.35 : 1

Status : In development


In the next future, cybernetic implants have become the norm and the lives of those who can afford the replacement of biological organs with artificial ones, have life extended almost 3, even 4, times more.

Births are strictly controlled by a menacing police supranational constabulary, a super-organism, that has the task to arrest anyone who came into the world without Permit Procreation and anyone who conspire against the system, to change the "status quo", dominated by old plutocrats in charge of powerful and branched gills.

Former police officer, Shaun Morrison, who has been kicked off from the Police Dept. following the death of his wife, Anne (she has been involved in a terrorist attack on the research laboratory where he worked), is now recalled to duty to investigate the enigma of an "irregular" ( a person born without permit of procreation and without a regular chip id implanted) ​​that seems to have just the features of his wife Anne.

The "Irregular", stormed the Life+ building, a private Institute for life extension, (one of the clinics where cybernetic implants are manufactured) killing everyone.

Morrison is reinstated in the police dept., he finds old colleagues and old adversaries, so the investigation began, in an atmosphere of doubt and skepticism. Most people think that a cop out of the game for 5 years, has no longer anything to say, and is not able to solve a case so ambitious.

Morrison is backed by his former colleague Robert Gadner and, by agents Bruce Runcible and Annette Stark, eager to shine and show up themselves to the Head of Dept., cpt. Lionel Homes, by solving a big case.

Special Agent Kevin Watson, however, is totally opposed to the reinstatement of Shaun Morrison, from which, it shares a hatred never faded. Watson is one of the guys called  Hunters,...their job is  basically to track down the "Irregulars".

He play a bad game, anyway keeping informed about the progress of the investigations, Ronan Velarde, the most prominent tycoon of Debian City  and who controls everything and everyone, even the Police Department.

Debian City, a megacity where the story is set, the result of merging between the old New York and all the surrounding towns, it's now shaping a monstrous and huge conurbation.

Through discoveries and clues, Morrison realizes that probably the irregulars plan that is hunting, is closely related to the terrorist attack in which his wife was killed.

Life+, the lab directed by Dr. Frank Michaelis, was involved in the human brain implants and nanotech researches. The attack killed all researchers and erased all traces of the experiments. The doctor, however, was not found among the victims, and since then, he is vanished

Through cryptic evidence left behind by the Irregular, and also thanks to his sleuthing, Morrison gets to discover that she was just the "guinea pig" of Dr. Michaelis' experiments, intent to build a unique cybernetic brain from an organic source.

In practice, an Artificial Intelligence installed on a remains of a human brain.

The purpose of the "irregular" - named Eden - is to attack the central management system of "irregulars" to free them all. He discovered that in fact the "Irregulars" arrested are caged in terrible cryogenic prisons and kept alive for their brain cells able to be sold to who can afford it, to slow down the aging or to remove illness from sick cells, and furthermore with a mix of cybernetic spare parts, able to extend life almost indefinitely.

In a stunning blowing finale display set within the main cryogenic prison at Debian City, Morrison finds out who within his team was a double agent, working right in the "traffic of brains", and who - surprisingly - will help him try to save Eden and the "Irregulars" she wants to free...

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© 2015- 2020 - MARVELOUS PICTURES LTD . All Rights Reserved.