Genres: Feature Film | Sci-Fi

Lenght : 95 mins

Color : Color

Aspect Ratio: 2.35 : 1

Status : In development


Set in a futuristic world where human life is under restricted control and births are strictly controlled by a super-organism, that has the task to arrest anyone who came into the world without Permit Procreation, Former police officer, Shaun Morrison, is now recalled to duty to investigate the enigma of an "irregular" ( a person born without permit of procreation and without a regular chip id implanted) ​​that seems to have just the features of his lost wife Anne.

KS Production Ltd ( Kim Ashton - Executive Producer ) , & Marvelous Pictures Limited ( Luca G. Rossetti - Associate Producer ), are moving to co produce the movie Metal Core (under the current working title Metal Core) in development and based upon the Sci Fi novel " Irregolare" of the Italian writer Vincenzo Bosica.


Vincenzo Bosica,  graphic, copywriter and art director, constantly struggle with all that is routine and common place.Through a process of both scientific and philosophical studies, Vincenzo born as a rich personality of many facets, sometimes conflicting between them, but all characterized by extreme creativity, bordering on the understandable.It is the Sci-fi and the unknown, what we call, tomorrow,  which spurs him to write, in answer to the question that always haunts him: what will happen tomorrow?It publishes a story so elusive, CAPSULES, characterized by an ironic and nihilistic.Spurred by unanimous acclaim from critics and audiences achieved by the story, Vincenzo write:  IRREGULAR, his first novel (2010), set in a not too distant future and not at all far-fetched, the result of a careful analysis of everything that surrounds us.The work was hailed by critics as the new voice of  the Italian cyberpunk community and collects an unexpected success, as to be translated for the English-speaking market (due out in 2016).They followed publication of short stories in various magazines and anthologies (including mention: THE GREAT DAY - BEYOND '- FOR A SNOWFLAKE - MELW - ADAPTABILITY' - THE CONSULTANT). With his second novel "The PERFECT MAN (2013)," Bosica temporarily shelve science fiction to open a parenthesis to have fun and entertain, through a brief ironic comedy-sentimental.In 2016 he released his third novel, "IRRAZIONALE", the result of "IRREGOLARE"


Screenplay is on the hands of Michael Ashton


Michael has consistently won awards for his work, notably the Lost Festival with 'Mirrors', Koestler with 'Peter Chamberlain's Case of Conscience', and a Writers Guild best newcomer with 'I6 Charlie'. In 2011 his stage play 'The Beekeeper' won the Pulse and played to a sell out audience in its run at South Hill Park. It then played to great reviews at Waterloo East in London in 2012 and was nominated for 3 OFFIE's. Michael has adapted the play for the screen and it is currently shortlisted for a major international award.

He Wrote the stage play The Archbishop and the Antichrist is a double award winner, one of which is Amnesty Internationals Protect the Human. It has been staged at The Royal Festival Hall, the Amnesty Theatre, and London's Soho Theatre. Currently it is in development as a major motion picture with Roland Joffe directing (The Mission and the Killing Fields) and Oscar winner Forest Whitaker confirmed for the lead.
Most Recently won the Henley Festival One Act Play competition and his 'Bethlehem Lights' will be headlining the Henley Drama Festival in May.

The agreement seal a strong partnership with the goal of greenlit the project

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© 2015- 2020 - MARVELOUS PICTURES LTD . All Rights Reserved.