MARCH 04/05/2020


Through the succesful relationship with TEE PEE studios and Peter Daly, we lunch in 2020 our first Game for Android in development : RED DOTS.

Plan involves futher games developments and a new game system focusing on a new era of experiencing videogames.


FEBRUARY 02/03/2020


Marvelous Pictures LTD is happy to announce that is in charge of the VFX making for the new SCI FI film "MUTANT", a super stunning story set in the next future.

The Marvelous Digital Group - HECAT Studio Paris and Hao Xian Pictures are thrilled to make this film happens.

Director : Kylin

VFX Consultant Producer : Miodrag Colombo

VFX Supervisors : ABO Chadi - Luca G. Rossetti

VFX Art Director : Luca G. Rossetti

Compositing Supervisor : Nessar Chadi

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November 11/01/2019


MARVELOUS VIRTUAL STUDIOS OPENING SOON IN ITALY : The new VFX facility will bring a unique solution for the most advanced Virtual production facility in Europe among Stiller Studios and Technicolor.

Mark Roberts Motion control and the new Digital In House metodology will bring CGI  easier and effective.

Stay Tuned!

October  10/30/2019



July 08/01/2019

It's a Wrap for now!...Shooting will continue in Sept/October.

The UNKIND is almost there...still 7 days mising.

May  05/13/2019


Check this out on you tube!!! THE UNKIND | Horror - Official Teaser Trailer (2020)

May  05/10/2019

It's official!


Darkmatter Studio is now :






Better! Bigger! Stunning!


MARVELOUS DESIGN STUDIO is a boutique  dedicated to concept art development and digital matte painting of any scale, with headquarters located in London. Based on Luca G. Rossetti career and from the fundamental of Darkmatter Art Studio, a well known design boutique in the VFX industry, we have provided world class artworks, ideas and conceptual services for many major clients in the entertainment industry. Our affinity for character design, narrative illustration, environment creations, is the foundation of our success. Top notch quality and prompt delivery has made us one of the most sought after Films art studios internationally. In recent years our work has graced multiple award winning  films, TV Series, video games and magazines.

We take pride in working only with the best. Along with our internal pipeline and workflow at the level of any major VFX studios, we always keep top quality performances and art direction, and we are able to deliver stunning visual iconography for any project in the field of entertainment.

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