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Marvelous Pictures LTD

Marvelous Pictures LTD is a unique and Independent film boutique.


Founded and managed by Luca G. Rossetti, a milestone in the Hollywood and International Film Industry, Film/ADV Director and Producer, Art director and Film Designer, Concept artist and Matte Painter, who has contributed of an heavy number of visual effects creation and, has been designing establishing ideas in major movies, tv series and games in the last two decades.

He has collaborated with the most important Film Studios, Art Departments, and Visual effects houses, Worldwide

MARVELOUS PICTURES LTD brings to independent film a modern touch unmatched with any other collaboration in cinema. The Unique Selling Point instantly of the highest appeal for film financiers, distributors, and talent is the marriage of the creative with the business and artistic excellence which both companies bring together with proven experience and a solid track record.
Marvelous Pictures recent credits include the development of different products such as STAR WARS : ROGUE ONE,  Britannia, a new stunning British Tv series of Neil Marshall ( Games of Thrones), Harem, a new historical TV series based in East of Europe, League of Gods, a Chinese production starring Jet Lee, and the most recent The Mummy Reboot ( 2017) Alex Kurtzman, starring Tom Cruise and Russel Crowe.
Marvelous Luca Gabriele Rossetti is a highly experienced award winning innovator in CGI and Visual Effects and Marvelous sits at the head of a number of sister companies all bringing different industry expertise to bear.
Luca Gabriele Rossetti film history is tracked almost on 40 high end Feature films. A list on his credit can be found on iMDB.
Executive Producer Miodrag Colombo, with other + 40 Features films under his belt, and extremely focused on the Chinese and US market, brings to the company a unique selling point
Together we are recently working on " The Bay of Silence" a Antti Jokinen film starring Uma Thurman, Toby Stephens, Brian Cox, which raised funds at 86% already, and we are trying to finalize the deal

The purpose of the company is to craft and produce new installment and development for independent Feature Films


The company, itself, has from concept to writing to VFX  and CGI expertise, unrivaled anywhere in the industry. It is a final package which provides a solid framework on which finance can rely for a return and talent can rely for artistic excellence and awards.

​Dark Reign Entertainment LTDIndependent Film Production, Independent Features, Film Development.

Titan Pictures EntertainmentIndependent Film Production, Independent Features, Film Development.

Marvelous Studios : Virtual Production Studios and VFX on set facility. COMING SOON!


Marvelous Digital

                                                              The Group :

Marvelous Pictures LTD perform his business with very strong and efficient Visual Effects Facilities Worldwide.


Marvelous Design Studios (former Darkmatter): Visual Development & Concept Design for Film, TV, ADV and Games. Art Departments & Visual Effects Services . Training in Digital Environment for the Film Industry.

Tee Pee Studios :

TeePee Studios is an Australian digital production studio focusing on visual effects, film and game development. Peter Daly and Thomas Sutcliffe first founded TeePee Studios as a visual effects house in December of 2016, later adding film and game production to the company’s repertoire.

The company produces VFX for clients around the world along with developing its own original film and game productions, both utilising the studios' background in VFX and digital content creation.

TeePee Studios’ objective is to produce world-class digital content that captivates audiences across the globe.

ALLEGIANCE STUDIOS - Vancouver  : Allegiance Studios is a creative post-production visual effects studio specializing in producing captivating imagery for film and television. We are a team of artists dedicated to the production of high quality visual effects. We can enhance any production, anything that requires compositing, cleanup, 2D and 3D animation, motion graphics and more.

HECAT Studio Paris : Hecat Studio is the new Marvelous Pictures agreement. Hecat is founded by ABO CHABI, vfx supervisor at BUF Compagnie.

Through HECAT Studio we are now able to serve a "full 360 all around"  visual effects services, from the pitch, to the final delivery.

...an international team of directors, designers, and graphic artists with some serious film production, VFX, and animation chops!

...from the main office in Paris, we’re tight with folks all over -- across Europe, the Middle East, and the US.

We ignite ideas...and set them ablaze!

Mythic Digital : 

Mythic Digital has born as partnership between two seasoned Visual Effects Artists who have extensive experience in the VFX and Film Industry, illustration and fine arts.
It is based in New York City with a satellite office in Milan and a small boutique in Vienna.

Mythic Digital affords our clients experience, flexibility, scalability, affordability, a home base both in the EU and US, and above all else talent and a passion 
for what we do. We work remotely or together on-site as a team. We also have access to a large network of seasoned professional VFX artists which 
allows us to instantly scale up or operations to take on just about any project or meet any deadline.


Ajax Media Tech Pvt Ltd : Ajax Media Tech Private Limited is a fast emerging trans media technology services and computer animation content development company with its headquarters in Chennai, Part of billion dollar industrial group based in southern India called VV Group (http://vvgroupofcompanies.com/).

Breakfast Studios :

Breakfast Studios (BFS) is a company based in Chennai, India, devoted to Visual Effects (VFX) on films and commercials. At BFS, we understand and fully satisfy the creative and sophisticated needs of the most recognized production houses around the world.

Our experience in design, production and post-production of visual effects allows us to accompany our clients throughout the journey of production of their creative work by offering them a wide range of VFX services.

Thriving on new challenges, our primary objective is to constantly go beyond client expectations by delivering high quality work, value-added services and custom design. Making the process as comfortable and communicative as possible, respecting firmly the realization times agreed.

We are constantly updating and upgrading our technologies, techniques and creativity to achieve a better product for the customer. Customer satisfaction is our passion.

                                      Stronger point of our VFX Team :

VFX Directors/Supervisors: Luca G. Rossetti  - Chadi ABO

Maximum Capability : from min 40/60 artists till 200, with a whole turnover of about 2500 shots, depending on the job.
Skills : Tracking - Compositing - Roto -  Modelling - Crowd  - Rigging – Animation – Matte Paintings/Cg Environments and Camera Projections – Plus a dedicated team for FX of 5 ppl.
FTP : Secure FTP 
Back UP : Secure Store min 150T - RAID5 via fiber-optic
Render farm : Internal 16x2 machines, each with 8 cores,  and 4 big ones for simulations Plus we use Cloud Farms like http://www.rebusfarm.com or http://www.ranchcomputing.com/en
DATA SECURITY :  Our workstations and render farm do not have internet access or any Active USB port, plus we do have a secure network data management protocol for the other workstations.

                                                                                                   We do Offer :


The MPAA is committed to protecting the rights of those who create entertainment content for audiences around the world. From creative arts to the software industry, more and more people make their living based on the power of their ideas. This means there is a growing stake in protecting intellectual property rights and recognizing that these safeguards are a cornerstone of a healthy global information economy.



The TRIP supports foreign production companies whose projects are completely or partly made in France.
To be eligible, projects must include cultural elements related to French and European culture, heritage or territory.
Eligibility is based on a Cultural Test, which assesses the relativity of the story, locations, 
characters, sources, landmarks, creators, crew and technical hubs.
For VFX-intensive and animated films, there is a dedicated Cultural Test acknowledging the singularities of the genre.
The TRIP is selectively granted by the CNC and Film France to the line producer of the work in France.
The amount represents 20% (30% from Jan 1st 2016) of the eligible film expenses incurred in France, and caps at €20M (USD $22M) per project (€30M / USD $33M from Jan 1st 2016), and a minimum spending of €1M of qualifying expenditures in France or incur at least 50% of the production budget, when the world budget is below €2M.

Please note: Effective April 1, 2017 there is a new administration fee structure for tax credits which will offset the costs of administering the program. The OCASE tax credit administration fee will be calculated as 0.15% of eligible expenditures for the application. There is a minimum fee of $500 per application and maximum fee of $10,000 per application.

As previously announced, effective January 1, 2017 there is an additional filing fee of $100 applied to applications for Certificates of Eligibility received more than 24 months after the year-end of the claim.  As well, there is a fee of $100 for each Amended Certificate requested.


What Is It?
The OCASE Tax Credit is a refundable tax credit based on eligible Ontario labour expenditures incurred by a qualifying corporation during a taxation year with respect to eligible computer animation and special effects activities. The OCASE Tax Credit may be claimed on eligible expenditures in addition to the Ontario Film and Television Tax Credit (OFTTC) or the Ontario Production Services Tax Credit (OPSTC).

How Much Is The Tax Credit?
The OCASE Tax Credit is calculated as 18% of the eligible Ontario labour expenditures incurred by a qualifying corporation with respect to eligible computer animation and special effects activities. There is no cap on eligible Ontario labour expenditures.

Who Is Eligible?
A qualifying corporation is a Canadian corporation that is Canadian or foreign-owned, has a permanent establishment in Ontario and files an Ontario corporate tax return. Qualifying corporations may include animation or visual effects houses, post-production houses and film and television production companies which perform eligible computer animation and special effects activities.

What Types of Production Are Eligible?
Eligible productions are productions created for commercial exploitation, which are not in an excluded genre, or for which financial support would be contrary to public policy. Where all eligible expenditures on the production are incurred after April 23, 2015, the production must also have received an OFTTC or OPSTC certificate to be eligible for the OCASE tax credit.

What Activities Are Eligible?
Eligible computer animation and special effects activities are those carried out in Ontario directly in support of the production of eligible animation or visual effects for use in eligible productions. 

Eligible animation or visual effects means animation or visual effects created using digital technologies but does not include:

  • audio effects

  • in-camera effects

  • credit rolls

  • subtitles

  • animation or visual effects all or substantially all of which are created by editing activities, or

  • animation or visual effects for use in promotional material for the eligible production

Eligible computer animation and special effects activities include designing, modelling, rendering, lighting, painting, animating and compositing but do not include activities that are scientific research and experimental development.

What Expenditures Are Eligible?
Qualifying labour expenditures are
a) salaries and wages (i.e., amounts paid to employees) directly attributable to eligible activities carried on by the qualifying corporation, that are paid to Ontario residents (individuals resident in Ontario at the end of the previous calendar year) who report to a permanent establishment of the qualifying corporation in Ontario at which the eligible activities are carried out;
b) freelancers who are individuals, partnerships, or arm’s-length incorporated individuals (such as corporations).

The labour expenditures must be incurred in the taxation year for which they are being claimed and paid in the taxation year or within 60 days after the end of the taxation year.

How Is The Credit Administered?
The OCASE Tax Credit is jointly administered by the Ontario Media Development Corporation (OMDC) – an agency of the Ontario Ministry of Tourism, Culture and Sport - and the Canada Revenue Agency. Application is made to OMDC for a Certificate of Eligibility for the taxation year, which the qualifying corporation files with the Canada Revenue Agency together with its tax return in order to claim the OCASE Tax Credit. The amount of the credit, net of any Ontario taxes owing will be paid to the qualifying corporation. If the qualifying corporation does not owe any taxes the full amount will be paid out.

Reborn Media Consulting China

Strategic Co-production Partner

Reborn, a VFX studio in Shanghai founded in 2015 , aims to provide and retain both the creative drive and involvement of Miodrag Colombo through all the projects and a close collaborative working relationship with clients, ensuring high standard of creative service; tailoring top end visual effects to fit production requirements while delivering the creative and storytelling meaning, executing that vision constantly, while working closely with directors. 

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